Embleton WI, September meeting

After the summer break, members of Embleton WI met in Creighton Hall to celebrate their 94th birthday.

Members of the other institutes in the Lindisfarne Group were welcomed to the celebration by the Embleton president, Lady Craft, who thanked the visitors for their good wishes.

After all joined in the singing of Jerusalem, business was kept to a minimum as members held a meeting the previous week to catch-up on national, county and local matters.

A warm welcome was then given to Jimmy Little and Malcolm Bennett, who were to entertain members and guests for the afternoon.

A mixture of local stories and songs with harmonica and guitar accompaniment gave pleasure to the audience who joined in with choruses and were able to add to some of the stories.

Joan Littler gave a vote of thanks to Jimmy and Malcolm while recalling some past history of the musicians.

In true WI tradition, everyone then sat down to enjoy an afternoon tea, prepared by Embleton members, and to have a chat with old and new friends.

Beadnell WI gave a vote of thanks to Embleton WI on behalf of the visitors.

The competition for a cupcake was judged by a Craster member, the winners being 1 Mrs J Laidler, 2 Mrs N Ham, 3 Mrs J Little.