Embleton WI, October meeting

ANNUAL MEETING: The president of Embleton WI, Lady Craft, welcomed members and the visiting WIA, Mrs Prudence Marks to the annual meeting held in Creighton Hall.

The secretary Mrs L Harratt read the minutes of the last meeting and arising from these a sales table has been started as a fund-raiser for the Institute.

Forthcoming events including the County Show were discussed, reports given on the group meeting and on officer training day. Details were finalised for the November meeting when Mr Terry Howells will speak on the parish council.

The annual meeting business commenced with the presentation of the financial statement by the treasurer, Mrs L Harris, who while giving members favourable monetary figures led them into a discussion of how members can boost their income by fund-raising events in the coming year.

The president in her address thanked the secretary and treasurer for their work in their first years of office and the other members of the committee who had assisted them with their background knowledge.

The support of all members of the Institute during the year was acknowledged as an important part of the success of the year.

The WI adviser, Mrs Prudence Marks, opened her remarks commenting on the progress made by Embleton WI since her last visit in 2007 when a lack of members and prospective officers made the future look bleak and she congratulated everyone for achieving a positive outlook for the Institute.

She then continued by outlining the training and the role of the WIA within the county organisation.

WIAs are able to support and mentor the numerous Institutes within the county and supply a valuable link with the county and national bodies.

The confirmation of the committee and the re-election of Lady Craft as president were conducted by the WIA.

A new member of the committee Mrs N Ham, gave members a brief resume of her previous life in WI in Yorkshire where she built up a large membership in her local Institute.

Thanks were given to the WIA by the president and Mrs M Hewitson thanked the committee for their work on behalf of the members.

Competition cup winners for 2010-2011 were announced: 1 Lady Craft; joint 2 Mrs J Laidler and Miss J Littler; joint 3 Mrs L Harratt and Mrs L Harris.

The October competition for my favourite poem was won by Mrs B Astbury; 2 Mrs L Harratt; 3 Mrs A Jones. The raffle was won by Mrs B Astbury.

After tea and biscuits the members enjoyed a quiz and games of beetle arranged by Mrs A Jones which they found very refreshing after a heavy afternoon of business matters.