Embleton WI, November meeting

Embleton WI president Norma Ham welcomed members and four prospective member visitors to the November meeting of Embleton WI in the Creighton Hall.

In a pre-talk business meeting, a report was given of the October group meeting held in Craster, details of Centenary Federation Day to he held in Hexham 2015, and names were taken for the forthcoming fashion show in Alnwick, arrangements were made for the December meeting.

The speaker, Moira Ging, was introduced by Lady Craft, and members sat back to hear of her tales of life in Royal residential palaces.After several years in the high class retail trade and looking for change Moira passed many interviews to obtain a post with the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace in 2001.

A brief history of the Palace from the time of George III to the extensive developments of Queen Victoria were related.

The speaker told how the Palace was opened to the public to raise money after the Windsor fire.

Moira spoke of her job and the interaction with Royal Family through staff events.

The working of the various departments and senior officials within the Palace were outlined.

She then brought to the meeting a collection of Royal memorabilia presented to staff during her years with the Royal collection and which were of great interest to the members.

A vote of thanks to Moira for her excellent talk was given by Joan Little.

Tea and biscuits gave everyone a chance to catch up with friends and examine the items for the Royal Collection.

The competition winners for the Guy Fawkes were: 1 Lyn Harris; 2 Lady Craft; 3 Joan Littler. The raffle winner was Maxine Parker.