Embleton WI, Meeting

Church of the Holy Trinity, Embleton.
Church of the Holy Trinity, Embleton.

Annual meeting

The president of Embleton WI, Mrs Norma Ham, welcomed members and the visiting WIA, Mrs Prudence Marks, to the annual meeting in the Creighton Hall.

Following the singing of Jerusalem the treasurer, Mrs Lynne Harris, highlighted the minutes of the September meeting.

Reports were given of the Lindisfarne group meeting held at Beadnell, which was enjoyed by members of seven institutes and the county quiz.

Correspondence from national covered items dealing with issues such as carers, food waste survey, a supermarket survey and climate change were covered.

Forthcoming county events were discussed and arrangements made for the November meeting.

The annual meeting business began with the presentation of the financial statement by the treasurer and a discussion of fund-raising schemes.

Acting secretary Joan Littler gave an account of the activities that members had participated in during the year. She also spoke of the role played by Mrs Lizzie Harrett, who stood down from the post of secretary in July on leaving the area.

The president in her address spoke of some events and thanked the committee and members for their support during the year.

Presentation of the Competition Cup and prizes for 2015-16 were announced. They were equal 1 Lynne Harris and Joyce Laidler; 3 Joan Littler.

The WI advisor, Mrs Prudence Marks, talked of plans for the celebration of the centenary of the county and also of local institutes including Embleton in 2018.

The re-election of Mrs Ham as president and the formation of the new committee were conducted by the WIA and it was pleasing to see several of the newer members becoming officers.

A vote of thanks to the WIA was given by the president and Mrs Marjorie Hopper thanked the committee for their work on behalf of the members.

The October competition for a glass ornament was won by: 1 Mrs L Harris; 2 Mrs J Laidler; 3 Mrs J Hazelhurst.

The meeting ended with tea, biscuits and a great deal of chat.