Embleton WI, May meeting

Wool bedding and beds.
Wool bedding and beds.

Yet another bank holiday meant an early start to the May meeting for committee members of Embleton WI to discuss many local, county and national events.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the rest of the members arrived at the Parish Rooms to be welcomed by the president, Mrs N Ham, who then introduced the speaker of the afternoon, Gillian Henry.

In an interesting talk, Mrs Henry related the many advantages of wool bedding and beds. A 25 per cent increase in regenerative sleep, together with a reduction in allergies, temperature regulation, flame retardance and biodegradability, all add up to an improved sleep pattern.

Examples of bedding gave everyone ideas for their future plans to improve the hours of sleep. A vote of thanks was given by Mrs L Harris.

A break for tea and biscuits was welcomed before the full business meeting. Plans were made for a special meeting in June when the president and secretary will report on the Buckingham Palace Garden Party and the Centenary AGM at the Royal Albert Hall during a strawberry and cream tea. Some members had enjoyed a quiz night at Howick and further invitations had been received from Belford and Craster. The AGM resolution on long-term care was discussed.

The competition winners for an item made from wool were 1 Mrs L Harris, 2 Mrs J Little and 3 Mrs J Laidler. Raffle prizes were won by Mrs L Harris and Mrs J Laidler.

The members left looking to meet up again in June for an outing with the Flower Club and their cream tea.