Embleton WI, January meeting

Members of Embleton WI met in the Creighton Hall for the first meeting of 2013 to catch up on WI matters and make plans for future events.

Subscriptions for the new year were paid and resolution votes and Denman questionnaires collected.

The quiz team for the county competition was confirmed and two members reported on the Christmas at the Abbey event that they had attended at Hexham with members from all parts of the county.

Business completed, Mrs N Ham introduced Bill McDonald to give members an interesting account of his time in Bosnia.

Twelve years ago, after a very active military life, Bill applied for a post in Bosnia embodying both the military and humanitarian aspects of his life.

On arriving in Bosnia, the first living accommodation was in the metal factory where the military people lived in containers.

As the head of CIMIC, a body set up to help the Bosnians, there were many tales of the hardships of the people and how this body was able to make life much easier for them.

Help was received from Rotary Clubs and some large companies who sent lorries over to Bosnia.

A Christmas Day celebration with the family of one of the translators gave an insight into a completely different way of life.

It was very rewarding for Bill and his colleagues to see the way in which they were able to turn around the lives of so many people by their help and also illustrated the fine line between humility and arrogance.

A three-month expected commission turned into nine months which left many memories for Bill and gave the members much food for thought.

A vote of thanks to the speaker was given by Mrs L Harris.

The competition for a white object was judged by Mr and Mrs McDonald, the winners being 1 Mrs J Laidler, 2 Mrs S Black, 3 Mrs L Harris. The raffle was won by Mrs L Harratt.