Embleton WI, December meeting

The members of Embleton WI dispensed with the usual December meeting Christmas afternoon tea for a pie and pea lunch at Creighton Hall.

The meal over, the president Norma Ham conducted the business meeting.

Members had enjoyed the Sainsbury fashion show organised by the shop for local WI groups.

Other members were looking forward to the Christmas celebration at Hexham Abbey.

The short list of resolutions for the 2015 annual meeting were discussed.

Topics include defibrillators, long-term care, food waste and the use of antibiotics.

Each member is entitled to vote for one resolution and countrywide delegates will make a final vote in June.

Forthcoming events were recorded from the Newsletter and arrangements made for the Desert Island Discs January meeting.

Final touches were made to the 2015 programme.

Business completed, it was quiz time when the brainpower of members was tested by the treasurer, Lynne Harris.

After answers were checked, everyone was ready for festive mince pies and mulled wine to start the celebration of Christmas.

The competition winners for the theme Christmas were: 1 Lynne Harris; 2 Lady Craft; 3 Joyce Laidler.

Raffle prizes included the seasonal table arrangements made by Lizzie Harrett, the Institute secretary.

The winners were: Joan Little; Lynne Harris; Joan Littler; Lizzie Harrett; Jean Cockerill.

Members departed the hall having completed the 2014 programme in a very enjoyable mood.