Embleton WI, 96th birthday party

The president Mrs N Ham welcomed members of the Lindsfarne group and seven musicians of the Northumbrian Clarsiach Society to the 96th birthday party of Embleton WI in the Creighton Hall.

Lady Craft introduced the members of this county branch of the Clarsaich Society, one of four in England.

The members all play the Scottish small harp which is the oldest Scottish instrument.

The Northumbrian branch of the Society was formed in Ponteland in 1983.

The musicians played a wide range of compositions, some arranged by Janet Bennett, a well-known harpist in the county who has tutored all the members of the group.

The programme ranged from Handel through English and Gallic folk music to the theme tune of Schindler’s List.

The virtuosity of the members was shown by solo and duet items together with vocal and Northumberland pieces.

At the conclusion of the recital, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all members and guests, a vote of thanks was given by Joan Littler.

Afternoon tea laid on by Embleton members gave everyone time to catch up with friends from neighbouring Institutes.

Following the cutting of a birthday cake, the harpist bade everyone farewell with a rendering of happy birthday.

The competition winners for the First World War memorabilia were: 1 Lady Craft; 2 Mrs L Harris; 3 Mrs N Ham.

Raffle prizes were won by several of our visitors.

A vote of thanks to Embleton WI was given by Mrs P Brand of Beadnell.

Members of Embleton WI conducted a small business meeting.