Embleton WI

TIME TO REFLEX: The vice president, Lady Sutherland welcomed members of Embleton WI to the April meeting in the Creighton Hall.

The minutes of the March meeting were agreed, further details being given of village events to celebrate the Jubilee and of the Big Walk, Little Splash event.

Main items from the Northumberland News were highlighted. Members reported on visits to Heighley Gate and Bamburgh WI.

The delegate to the spring council meeting at Whitley Bay Playhouse, Joan Littler, presented her report of the meeting.

Plans were outlined to make the county headquarters at Seaton Burn into a more active centre for Institute events.

A speaker from Northumberland Libraries had given a very up-to-date resume on the library scene in the county with the improved library/tourist centre at Wooler, illustrating the future pattern of the library system.

Delegates from all our local institutes had later enjoyed a talk by Scottish award winning author Ms Janice Galloway.

Business completed at Creighton Hall, Lady Sutherland introduced Isla Taylor, a podiatrist and reflexologist, to speak to the members on reflexology.

Isla initially gave us details of her training in Scotland and Durham and her arrival in our region.

Egyptian prints suggest that this practice dates back in history but modern-day usage is attributed to William Fitzgerald in the 1920s who also was a pioneer of acupuncture.

The body is divided into meridians with particular emphasis on the feet and members were shown charts showing the relationships of these to various body parts.

The treasurer volunteered for a foot massage as Isla mapped out the foot to parts of the body giving everyone an insight into this practice.

After questions the speaker was thanked by Mrs N Ham.

Members then enjoyed a catch-up session over tea and biscuits.

The competition winners for a foot remedy were: 1 Mrs A Jones; 2 Mrs J Laidler; 3 Mrs L Harris. The raffle was won by Mrs S Black.