Embleton, Parish Council

Minutes for the meeting of Embleton Parish Council, Monday, October 26, at 7.30pm Creighton Hall, Embleton.

Chairman: Terry Howells present: David Morgan, Raymond Carss, Adam Moody, Gordon Coxon, John Young Clerk: Melissa Gilroy Attendance: Peter Mitchell (Homes for Northumberland).Declaration of interests: Non Apologies: Georgina Armstrong, Ray Imeson, Neville Fawcett, Richard Manners, Cllr Kate Cairns (NCC). Confirmation of minutes of last meeting the minutes of September 28, were agreed and signed as a true record. Proposer: Terry Howells seconder: Gordon Coxon unanimous.

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting overnight parking at Dunstan Steads. AONB have proposed that the plethora of signs at Dunstan Steads and the Golf Club could be combined onto a single board at each site. The board at Dunstan Steads would include a notice to warn visitors against overnight parking. Embleton Parish Council is required to send a letter in favour of the proposal. Parish councillors suggested that the letter also requests the removal of the broken telephone from the Dunstan Steads site.

Homes from Northumberland – Peter Mitchell stone bus shelter. Proposed plans shown at meeting. Quote for £10,700 received for the building of bus shelter. Quote deemed excessive for the work required. Awaiting Surgo’s quote before discussion on contribution levels from the parish council/Surgo commence. Billy Armstrong to assess the plans and give a realistic estimate of what the work should cost, Georgina Armstrong to action. Chairman to send bus shelter plans to John Young. Quarry Housing Development. Current building work plans shown at meeting. Concerns expressed by councillors over site location of bungalows, apartments and houses when viewed from Greyfield. Peter Mitchell explained reasoning given by architect for the sitings of the dwellings including elderly access and the requirement for communal areas. Email copies of the landscape plans to be sent to Clerk and circulated once available. Allocation of housing remains the same system. Residents must be registered with Homefinder and apply within the four-day window. Peter Mitchell to advise when the houses will be advertised and the applications open. NCC changing system from Social Rents to Affordable Rents, awaiting final cabinet approval. The following proposed rents were awaiting Cabinet confirmation: 1 bed flat £340pcm, 2 bed bungalow £480pcm, 2 bed terrace £440pcm, 3 bed house £520pcm. Peter Mitchell to show councillors completed properties, current plans are to house new residents before Christmas.

Concerns expressed over access to Quarry House. Peter Mitchell will relay to his line manager the councillors concerns over security and the potentially hazardous area to children. County Councillor’s report apologies were sent from councillor Kate Cairns (NCC) but an update of county matters was circulated prior to the meeting.

In summary: Repairs to the wall on Sunnybrae. Repointing of the wall now fully completed by NCC. Swedish Timber Framed Houses. Homes for Northumberland (HfN) have assured councillor Kate Cairns that there will be significant investment to improve insulation and living conditions of the three Swedish Timber Clad council properties in Embleton during this financial year. HfN, who subsequently carried out several inspections and surveys on the houses, and allocated the funding.

Walk on Wednesdays Initiative started on October 8, where children in Northumberland are encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school on Wednesdays. The initiative will run throughout the school year.

Difficulties in replacing the new mains electricity supply resulted in a slight delay to the repair programme. Final testing, commissioning and staff training on the operation were completed by the end of November and the Crematorium reopened for services on December 7. To contact the council, residents can call a local number based on their local exchange. The new number is 0345 600 6400. Parish Council & Conservation Area Embleton village is mostly within a conservation area. Parishioners have raised questions regarding changes which have been carried out possibly without Conservation Officer consent.

Councillors agreed that when such occurrences are noted within the parish they should be reported back to NCC accordingly. The future of Embleton Parish Council for the past few months Craster Parish Council have been considering the future for small parish councils such as themselves. They foresee increasing difficulty in recruiting active parish councillors. To combat this they have prepared a list of possible actions ,one of which is to merge with a neighbouring parish.

Embleton have been asked to consider their reaction if approached as a possible partner. The Embleton Parish Councillors discussed and noted the possibility of merging to create a larger Dunstanburgh area parish. Meeting reports Embleton Joint Burial Board (EJBB). Gordon Coxon provided an update. In summary, the recent audit conducted by a Craster Parish Council was deemed unnecessary. Actions remain outstanding on the dangerous headstones and the ceiling of the bathroom in Cemetery House. Terms of reference agreed across the PC’s over 12 months ago not being implemented.

Christon Bank Reported Issues Kerb damage. West end to Blink Bonny pub. Clerk to report to NCC. Traffic calming actions. Chairman to prepare a letter insert for the Whinstone Times regarding off street parking. Springfield Park street light. Issue resolved. Missing road signs for Horsley Place & B6347. Chairman to write to Horsley Place resident and John Young to contact local resident regarding B6347 sign. Stone planters for entrance to village. Embleton planters were erected as part of an NCC Youth project.

Clerk to contact NCC to see if there are any similar schemes for planters in Christon Bank. John Young has offered sandstone for building these. 107. Risk Assessment Draft circulated. Subcommittee to be established to review the proposed document.

Chairman, Gordon Coxon and Raymond Carss to form the committee and arrange to meet. Proposer: David Morgan seconder: Adam Moody Unanimous 108. Chairman/Vice chairman job description draft circulated and agreed. Proposer: David Morgan Seconder: Gordon Coxon unanimous. Emails received Local Plan Core Strategy pre submission draft available to view online, Clerk has a hard copy for councillors to review if requested.

Financial matters current account balance £10,823.10 @ 30/09/2015 a) Spent & received since 28/09/15 Clerk wages & expenses - £ 150.67 HMRC PAYE - £ 36.80 Church Hall - £ 10 BDO External auditor - £120 Embleton Parish rooms (Toilet) - £140 b) Clerk/HMRC wages & expenses (Sept) - £175.25 c) Cheques required bonfire donation - £100 Clerk - £209.99 (GN) HMRC - £47.60 (GN) Playpark insurance - £963.00 Creighton Hall - £12.50 112. Planning matters a) 14/00372/OUT – Outline application for development of 36 residential dwellings and associated infrastructure (all matters reserved). Land North of Woodsteads U3010 Station Road to Embleton Moor Junction. Granted b) 15/03414/DISCON - Discharge of conditions 10 (landscape management plan) and 11(ecological management plan) relating to planning permission 14/01854/FUL (Proposed development of 16 residential units on part of the former quarry site. A mix of apartments, bungalows and houses). Former Embleton Quarry Embleton Northumberland. Consultation expiry, November 4, No comments 15/03288/REM - Reserved matters application relating to planning application 13/02978/OUT - (Details of layout, scale, appearance, means of access and landscaping as per condition one of the approval).