Emaciated Lisa back on track thanks to dog charity

A dog which was left emaciated and abandoned has been nursed back to health thanks to a north Northumberland animal charity.

Lisa, a two-year-old Jack Russell bitch, was given to High Newton’s Alexa’s Animals three months ago after a dog warden found her on the street, unable to move.

Alexa Nisbet and Jack Russell Lisa'Picture Jane Coltman

Alexa Nisbet and Jack Russell Lisa'Picture Jane Coltman

She was severely undernourished, covered in fleas, infested with worms and completely dehydrated.

The poorly pooch was also unable to walk because her claws were bent completely round her feet.

After being given to Alexa Nisbet, who runs the charity, Lisa was taken to the vets where she spent six days being rehydrated.

Her intestines also had to be looked at after worms had started to destroy them.

But fast forward three months and Lisa is now able to walk on her heels, can connect with humans and is putting on weight and regaining her health.

Alexa said: “The state of her was unbelievable. Whoever left her would have had to carry her to that spot as there is no way she could have walked.

“It’s brilliant to see the difference in her which is amazing. She didn’t show an interest in anything at first but she’s getting there now.

“Her front legs will need extensive surgery at some point in the future, which will cost about £2,000 per leg.

“But for now she is doing well. She can only walk on the grass because she can’t walk on her pads but she can go out in the garden.

“When she first arrived at the vets they thought she was ancient because of the state she was in, but then they realised that she was only about two years old.

“We think she was being used as a breeding bitch and has just been left in a corner.”

Alexa thinks the dog was left in Ashington but is unsure of exactly where she was picked up.

She isn’t planning on rehoming Lisa but instead will keep the little dog for herself.


With veterinary costs one of the biggest impacts on the charity, Alexa’s Animals continuously fund-raises to cover costs.

This year alone has cost them £15,000 in vets bills, without adding on the costs of food and day-to-day items. But Alexa has said that even at 75 she has no plans to stop.

“I couldn’t do it all without the team,” she said.

“We’ve got a great group of people that help out to raise funds and keep us going.

“At the moment we have about six dogs at the charity, but it changes day-to-day.”

While the charity looks for rehoming younger animals they are also looking for people who can rehome older dogs, so that they can live their last few months or years in comfort.

If you are able to provide a home for a dog, or you want to help the charity in anyway get in touch with Alexa on 01665 576677.

You can also email the charity at alexas_dog_rescue@hotmail.com or visit alexasanimals.webs.com.



Alexa’s Animals was set up by Alexa Nisbet, now 75, 23 years ago to help rehome dogs that have been thrown out.


Alexa works with a team of volunteers who help out looking after the dogs as well as arranging and running events to fund-raise for the charity.


Over the years more than 900 animals have gone into safe, loving homes thanks to Alexa’s Animals. Last December, former TV star Tony Booth, father of Cherie Blair, adopted a Cavalier King Charles spaniel which was named Carol.