Ellingham Parish Council, report

Ellingham First School where a road sign has been erected by the county council.
Ellingham First School where a road sign has been erected by the county council.

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting, Monday, July 6.

Flooding update, Ellingham and Chathill: Mr A McNeill, from Northumberland County Council (NCC), to attend August meeting, at 6.30pm, to discuss options.

Litter: Posters had been supplied by NCC, but these are more appropriate for urban areas.

Councillors reported problems with litter dumped from cars at Paddy’s Layby and the Brockdam turning. The school is to be contacted to ask if children would like to design a poster with the message ‘take your litter home’. Councillors agreed to buy two bins for Paddy’s Layby and Brockdam turning. NCC is to be asked if it will empty these.

Roadcare: It has been deemed that passing place signs on Wandylaw Road are unnecessary and are not in keeping with the environment.

The surface at the front of road drains in Golden Close is breaking and falling into the drain, which will cause it to block. The clerk is to submit photographs to NCC. The drain on the road behind the Village Hall also requires cleaning.

Footpaths: An officer has confirmed that scheduled work will be carried out in the near future.

Planning: Containers at Ellingham Hall – a new application for temporary siting, up to 18 months, had been submitted. Comments submitted to NCC are that now the containers have been painted and the surrounding area tidied up, they are much less unsightly. It is requested that they are maintained to this standard, with no rubbish on top or weeds beneath, and rat poison applied as necessary. Confirmation is required that permission cannot be renewed after the 18-month period.

For Birdsong Cottage, Brownieside, there were no comments or objections.

Accounts: Bank balances total £2207.08. Accounts for payment total £309.97. The annual return has been sent to BDO Stoy Hayward with paperwork.

Phone box at Chathill: The phone box has been adopted by the parish council and the clerk is to add it to the list of assets. A sign is to be displayed to notify the public of ownership. Fund-raising for the purchase of a defibrillator is to be undertaken.

Japanese Knotweed: This is being treated and monitored.

Neighbourhood Plans: Mr J English from NCC attended a meeting in Ellingham Village Hall. All agreed that considering production of a neighbourhood plan is important otherwise the Local Plan will make decisions for the parish. Funding of up to £8,000 for production of a Plan is available. An Ellingham Community Trust application could also be made. Examples of plans were circulated for councillors to study before the next meeting.

Items for circulation: Information regarding Love Northumberland awards was circulated.

The next meeting is on August 3, at 6pm.