Ellingham Parish Council, November meeting

At the November meeting of Ellingham Parish Council, Mr P Robson declared an interest in drainage/flooding matters.

The clerk had written letters regarding rats as agreed at the previous meeting but had received no response.

A resident reported that the bin at his entrance gate has been moved and some, but not all, sacks of grain have been moved. Those remaining have not been tied but the tops are twisted to close them.

The other feeders remain in very close proximity to the resident’s fence. The gamekeeper has offered to lay poison round the premises but the resident does not want this.

The clerk is to forward a copy of the letter to the resident and also request that someone from the shooting syndicate contacts the resident direct.

Northumberland County Council advised the surface dressing of the C70 road will not now take place until next year, and that any drainage/water issues will be dealt with at that time.

The road sign showing crossroads ahead at Tynely has still not been repaired. The clerk is to report it to the county council again.

County has repaired a fractured pipe which crosses from School House to the drain in the school car park.

The corner of the road has also been cleared of mud and debris. While there, county council operatives assisted in fixing the parish notice board onto the county highways road sign.

The village and school noticeboards have been repaired by Mr Swithenbank.

The clerk had received an email from a representative of the Ditchburn Action Group asking for support in opposing the PNE windfarm application.

Members discussed it and agreed to decline to respond. A formal response will be submitted to the local authority when the planning consultation takes place.

Regarding the proposed closure of BT phone boxes, the clerk is to respond to the county council stating that Ellingham and Chathill telephone boxes are both essential for emergency calls, therefore neither should be removed.

LED bulbs have been distributed to all parishioners who requested them. Any faulty ones should be returned to the Community Trust for replacement.

The county council has identified where the poles will be erected for the interactive speed lights for Chathill.

Consideration is to be given to nominations for the Local Heroes scheme.

Mr Dobson noted that the village hall committee will stand down at the next AGM. This is to be discussed at the December meeting.

The next meeting is on Monday, December 1, at 7.30pm.