Ellingham Parish Council, April meeting

At the April meeting of Ellingham Parish Council, members heard a roadside drain in Golden Close, Ellingham, has still not been cleared and the road floods after moderate or heavy rainfall.

One streetlight in the village is on throughout the day and night. The clerk is to report it to Northumberland County Council.

Councillors objected to a retrospective application for planning permission for the siting ot two storage containers at Ellingham Hall, stating that the containers are extremely unslightly and not in keeping with the rural village situation where they are sited. They said they are a hazard for traffic in that part of the village, obstructing visibility.

They also objected to an application for temporary permission for a screening fence at Ellingham Hall for three years.

They felt the high fence would be unsightly, not in keeping with the surroundings and would impede the movement of red squirrels in their natural habitat.

The noticeboards are to be fixed temporarily if possible. Metal sleeves for the posts will be provided as soon as possible.

PNE Wind has contacted the clerk regarding a proposed windfarm at East Ditchburn. It is in the very early stages, scoping is being undertaken.

PNE is to be invited to the June meeting.

Mrs Duncan is to investigate the Community Heartbeat scheme with BT where defibrillators can be sited in phone boxes. She will report back at the next meeting.

The Community Trust’s broadband meeting with Arch Digital had not been productive. The trust is now looking at wireless broadband as an interim measure.

The next meeting of the parish council is on Tuesday at 7pm in Ellingham Village Hall.

This will be the annual parish meeting and the annual parish council meeting.