Ellingham Parish Council

At the latest meeting of Ellingham Parish Council, members heard consultation will take place with parishioners in order to help trustees of the Wandylaw Windfarm and Community Trust to decide how funds should be distributed, with a questionnaire being delivered to every individual in the parish at the end of August.

Junction widening at the A1/U2047 is now complete and widening of the U2047 is also complete. Work has started to the windfarm site tracks and will continue for some months. Work will then start on the turbine foundations.

The bend on the U2027 where work was carried out to drainage and gulleys under the flood alleviation programme last year had flooded badly during the heavy rainfall at end of June/early July. The gulley became blocked by a crop of potatoes in an adjacent field washing into it.

Dams in the Quarry Field were working. There was a suggestion that a better solution would be the diversion of the stream into the dry river bed, taking the water away from the village. A site meeting is to be arranged.

Concerns have been raised by some Ellingham residents regarding excessive use of weed killer by county council contractors on walls and paths.

A parishioner requested that the parish council considers using funds raised from the sale of walks booklets to repair badly rutted footpaths. This was agreed in principal.

A near miss was reported to have taken place outside Ellingham First School during the last week of June, when a local farmer was coming out of the U2032 with a stock wagon and a car was parked on the bend.The wagon had to swing out wide to avoid the car and at the same time another vehicle travelling at speed came round the bend. A serious incident was narrowly avoided. The clerk has reported to the county council and the school.

A blocked drain on the U2032 has been reported several times but still not attended to.

The clerk had submitted parish council objections to the county planning department regarding the change of use of ground at Chathill and also requested a site visit.

Parish councils are required to adopt new code of conduct. Councillors are to examine the code and adopt at the September meeting.

The matter of the 460 bus route had been tabled as an agenda item at the area committee meeting and a parishioner presented a petition. A team from Arriva had been present and it was suggested that another possible solution to the 460 issue would be to re-route the 505 once a week to pick up passengers on the 460 route. Parish councils served by the route had agreed to do all they could to publicise information about the 460 bus route.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, September 11, to be preceded by the parish walkabout.