Ellingham Parish Council

PARISH NOTES: At the latest meeting of Ellingham Parish Council, Mr Mundy was elected as chairman and Mrs Macleod as vice chairman. Mrs Pratt has resigned, leaving a casual vacancy on the council.

Meetings for the coming year will be held on the second Tuesday of every second month: July 12, September 13 , November 8, 2011, and January 10, March 13, and May 8, 2012.

Donations were recorded in the members’ interests book.

The rebuilding of the chapel at Ellingham Hall is underway.

Footpath repair work is in hand. Some has already been completed, including work in relation to the Bog Field path.

The give way signpost at the junction of U2030/C70 has fallen off. The clerk is to inform Northumberland County Council.

New surfacing work has been carried out on the U2022, A1 to Priestdean.

Surface dressing work has also begun on the C69, Preston to Swinhoe crossroads.

Feedback is awaited on the dip in the U2027, the road running parallel to the village.

A parishioner has queried whether the junction at Tynley can be changed so that the farm road becomes the ‘give way’ and the road to Doxford Hall becomes the through road.

The query is in hand at the county council.

The county planning department has advised that when renewing previously approved planning applications, local authorities should ‘refer to any material changes to the planning considerations of the proposed scheme, such as changes around the site and changes to planning policy (in place at that time)’.

Mr Mundy, having previously declared interests in the matter of donations, left the meeting and Mrs Macleod took over as chairman. Mrs Heslop, also having previously declared an interest, did not join in the discussion.

Many requests for donations were received and, although all were considered to be worthy causes, it was agreed to support only the charity based in the parish, plus Community Action Northumberland which provides support and advice to the parish council. It was further agreed to give a donation of £80 to Ellingham PCC and £30 to CAN.

The council is awaiting confirmation from the county council as to when flooding work will be carried out.

Network Rail is currently carrying out previously scheduled work under the railway line at Chathill.

Northumbrian Water has given assurances that the matter is in hand but due to the extremely complex nature, it does not wish to call a public meeting until it is certain that all facts and solutions are correct.

Initial works regarding ground conditions for the windfarm have begun.

During the first week of May, a non-intrusive topographical survey was carried out.

The clerk is to contact Mr N Goodhew to request a meeting with the public in the early autumn in order to make steps towards setting up the Community Fund and to let the community know what will be happening in 2012.

In order to make the service more efficient, the days on which bins are collected will change after September 12. The days will be notified by the county council in due course. There will be no reduction in service.

Northumberland News, the residents’ magazine previously delivered to every household in Northumberland, will, from July, be issued as a quarterly electronic newspaper. Residents can sign up to this by visiting www.northumberland.gov.uk/extra

A small number of hard copy magazines will also be printed which can be collected from libraries and customer service centres.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 12 at 7.30pm.