ELECTIONS: It’s little things that count

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Last week’s Gazette is full of many things, but one of the most distressing is the talk that without much, or no consultation with those who use it on a regular basis, the county council would be pulling down the Lindisfarne Sports Centre.

It seems that it would just be done and dusted if none had challenged it or spoken up.

A future county councillor should get to know much more about the people of Alnwick, not just the town centre, but outlying areas, such as the tree streets, Barresdale and downwards through the estates, and meet the people – salt of the earth.

On reading the leaflets from each prospective councillor, some full of all their achievements, there is not much about run-down areas. My old mum used to say “self praise is no recommendation”. As we often find, all that glitters is not gold.

Good luck to all future, hopeful councillors, but when voting please remember it is also the little things that count and the quiet people.

D Hedley,

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