ELECTION VIDEO: Candidates on the economy and governance

In this fourth of a series of five video interviews, the candidates in the Berwick constituency share their views on Northumberland’s economy, jobs and governance at both local and national level.

The Gazette interviewed all six candidates contesting the seat – Nigel Coghill-Marshall (Ukip), Scott Dickinson (Labour), Neil Humphrey (English Democrats), Julie Pörksen (Liberal Democrat), Rachael Roberts (Green) and Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative) – and asked the same set of questions, which were sent in by our readers.

Lynemouth Power Station

Lynemouth Power Station

The candidates were given the topics in advance, but not the questions themselves, and had a minute to answer each question.

Monday’s video dealt with windfarms, subsidies and energy efficiency, while Tuesday’s tackled the EU, foreign aid, privatisation, HS2 and a rising population putting pressure on services like the NHS and housing.

Yesterday’s returned to energy and the environment, focusing on climate change, the future of power generation and protecting Northumberland’s countryside from developers.


Monday: Candidates on energy and the environment – part one

Tuesday: Candidates on public services and spending

Wednesday: Candidates on energy and the environment – part two