Election candidates announced

BATTLE will commence in one of the biggest by-elections in the history of Alnwick Town Council, with nine candidates vying for four available seats on May 5.

The contest has drawn significant interest from political parties, with local Conservatives fielding four hopefuls, while the Liberal Democrats have put forward two. Labour and the Green Party have both nominated one candidate, with one Independent also standing.

The seats – all in Castle Ward – were vacated by a combination of resignations and retirements at the town council’s February meeting, when councillors Dorothy Hankin, Susan Bell, Jane Mann and deputy mayor David Archer stood down.

Northumberland County Council, which will oversee the election alongside the Alternative Vote referendum on May 5, issued the statement of nominations on Monday.

The candidates are: Jilly Bell, Lib Dem; Thomas Bowes, Con; Bruce Hewison, Con; Annabelle Lamb, Con; Jonathan Lambert, Lab; Daniel Mumby, Lib Dem; Rachael Roberts, Green; Aidan Ruff, Con; Jim Thompson, Ind.