Eileen shatters her wrist in pothole tumble

Eileen Foreman recovering at home from her broken wrist.
Eileen Foreman recovering at home from her broken wrist.

A 68-year-old woman has described the state of the roads in Rothbury as a ‘disgrace’ after falling and breaking her wrist in a pothole.

Eileen Foreman, of Jubilee Crescent, tripped over when she was trying to cross the road in Bridge Street on Friday.

She suffered a compound fracture to her left wrist and underwent surgery at Wansbeck General Hospital on Saturday.

Mrs Foreman was due to have surgery on the Friday, but the hospital did not have a large-enough plate until the next day.

She said that the fall was very painful. “I think I screamed the whole Coquet Valley down.

“You see cartoon pictures with the wrist bent right up and that’s how my hand was.

“It’s beginning to heal and getting very itchy now and the plaster’s very heavy.

“I can’t use my left arm at all. I’m getting used to it but I’ve got to have the plaster on for six weeks. I have got my daughter and son here to help though. I’m lucky in that way.”

Fortunately, Mrs Foreman suffered no other injuries as she put her hand down to break her fall, but she is critical of the state of the roads.

“I think it’s a disgrace, an absolute disgrace,” she said. “How many more people, elderly people, are going to have a fall before they finally do something about it?”

She added that she was ‘immensely annoyed’ that the pothole was filled in after her fall, when it was ‘too late’.

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