Eglingham mast gets the green light on appeal

PNE Wind UK Passion for Energy
PNE Wind UK Passion for Energy

An application for a temporary meteorological mast at Ditchburn, near Eglingham, has been given the green light on appeal.

PNE Wind UK has been given approval to site an 80-metre mast on land west of East Ditchburn Farmstead.

The application was subsequent to a scoping opinion for a new nine-turbine windfarm development in the area.

Plans were originally refused by Northumberland County Council’s planning and environment and rights of way committee.

But the Planning Inspectorate has said that the impact of the met mast on the landscape would only be ‘slight’ and would not be seen as ‘unacceptable visual clutter or as an unacceptable extension of the area impacted on by wind energy developments’.

The inspector added: ‘The proposed temporary meteorological mast would not unacceptably damage the character and appearance of the area.’

Now PNE has announced that it will be engaging with the community over the larger-scale plans.

The company has agreed with the county council that it will consult the parish councils of Adderstone with Lucker, Beadnell, Berwick, Denwick, Eglingham, Ellingham, Hedgeley, Newton-by-the-Sea and Rennington alongside engaging with other interested parties.

In addition there will also be meetings with key stakeholders at local, regional and national levels.

Two newsletters will also be produced, reporting on the project’s progress and development prior to a full planning application for the windfarm being submitted.

The first will be later this year.

There will also be two rounds of public exhibitions for the project with the first proposed this year and the second in the month before the application is made.