Efforts to tackle town’s scourge of dog fouling

The Don't Stand For It campaign poster.
The Don't Stand For It campaign poster.

The Upper Barresdale area to the west of Alnwick is one of the top hotspots in the county for dog fouling, it was revealed last week.

Peter Simpson, from the county council’s public protection service, which is responsible for dog fouling, spoke to last Thursday’s meeting of Alnwick Town Council.

Dog poo, Percy Terrace

Dog poo, Percy Terrace

He said that so far this year, there had been 21 complaints of dog fouling in Alnwick, which have led to eight £75 fines being issued. But seven of these relate to the Upper Barresdale area.

“There are four families on one street who have received fines in that area,” he added.

Councillors informed him about other areas of concern in the town including Clayport Gardens (if not part of the hotspot area), Swansfield Park Road and Alnwick South First School, and Fisher Lane.

Mr Simpson also talked more generally about the county council’s efforts to curb dog fouling, particularly since the launch of its Don’t stand for it campaign in 2012.

In the year prior to the launch, just 11 fines were issued, while so far this year, 69 have been handed out.

As well as the dog wardens, the council’s 21 parking CEOs have now been trained as well.

“We know we have to improve numbers further and we are certainly not resting on our laurels,” he added.