Efforts to tackle speeding on entry to village

North Bank in Belford
North Bank in Belford

Action is to be taken to try to tackle speeding down a hill into a north Northumberland village, which has caused concern for residents.

Parish councillors from Belford and neighbourhood beat manager PC Geoff Craddock had met with Jim Long, from the county council’s traffic management department, to discuss various issues.

It was agreed that a ‘slow’ road marking would be painted at the top of North Bank to try to prevent speeding down into the village.

PC Jeff Craddock told last Thursday’s meeting of Belford Parish Council that Mr Long also agreed to put down a speed tube to monitor traffic.

“What came back last time was that there wasn’t really a problem,” he said.

“But I think they were measuring in the wrong place; this time it’s going to be further up the hill.”

PC Craddock also said that the police speed camera had been in Belford on the day of the meeting.

During a one-and-a-half-hour spell with very light traffic, 18 people had been caught speeding, with speeds varying from 35mph to 46mph.

Telling councillors that there had been no crime in the village since the last meeting, he added: “Speeding is still a neighbourhood priority unless you tell me you don’t want it to be.”