Efforts to boost the cleanliness of town toilets

The public toilets in The Shambles in Alnwick town centre.
The public toilets in The Shambles in Alnwick town centre.

Improvements need to be made to the toilets in the town centre, particularly with the tourist season reaching full swing.

That was the view of councillors at last week’s Alnwick Town Council meeting as they discussed what needed to be done to bring the toilets in The Shambles up to scratch.

It was agreed to push for the county council, which is responsible for cleaning them, to carry out a full steam clean, which is apparently overdue.

But Coun Alan Symmonds warned against committing to any major schemes or expenditure, such as hiring a member of staff to cover all sorts of town-centre issues, until it was clear what state they were in.

“I think we should ensure in the first instance that the cleaning specification meets our satisfaction,” he said.

Members agreed to ask the county council for details of how the toilets were tackled during their twice-daily cleans.

And Coun George Mavin asked about the toilets in Greenwell Lane, wondering how often they were used.

Once the county council has carried out a steam clean and members have details of the cleaning specification, the matter will be revisited. But county councillor Gordon Castle, who wasn’t at the meeting, said the issue would only improve if money was spent.