Up for the challenge of helping charities

Dancing around the field with words written on my head, singing a rendition of ‘Hey ho, Hey ho, Off to work we go’ that the seven dwarves would be proud of, my friends and I laugh as two boys – one dressed as a fairy, the other Snow White – sprint past.

I wondered why on earth we were doing this? Why were we fund-raising for people we would never meet? Then it hit me…

Pondering my thoughts as I walked past Darth Vader, I decided that we fund-raise in school for many reasons.

Yes, of course, it’s fun. However, the true meaning has been obscured by the short-sighted.

Their thoughtlessness threatens to engulf everybody as they do not see the real benefits.

Firstly, as a school – as a community – we put the FUN in fund-raising. We pull together to help those who are in need in our school, our town, our community, our country and our world.

We do it because it is our duty as part of a community, not only in our town but globally. Secondly, we do it as it teaches us not to be selfish.

While supporting charities, we learn how to be grateful for what we’ve got and not to take it for granted.

Even the simplest, every-day things like going to school; having a safe home to sleep in; having fresh water to drink; being able to talk, run and play can be taken for granted.

Finally, by fund-raising in school, we are taught that no matter how big or small our contribution, is it is still appreciated. Knowing that the contribution made can make such a vast impact on people’s lives, touches us, even at our age.

Organising charity events in school does not mean we always dress up as fairies, princesses or even Jedi knights, but hey it’s what we do best! Over the course of the four years I have been at Lindisfarne, I have discovered that the fund-raising events have become bigger and better each year.

It’s a hard feat, but somehow with all the drive and determination we have got, we manage to pull it off. Last year, we fund-raised for many different charities and causes. As well raising money for national charities such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day, we raised money for Leukaemia, Help For Heroes, End Polio Now, Water Aid, children in Africa, Aidan Jackowiak Smith and, more recently, we had a Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Of course, stupendous events like these would not take place if we didn’t have amazing Student Councillors, Student Ambassadors, teachers willing to listen to our crazy ideas and pupils willing to publicly humiliate themselves for truly worthy causes. The work that is put into these events is reflected in the totals made.

With such fantastic work going on, we are able to work as a well-oiled machine to raise as much money as we possibly can! I have high hopes for this year and I’m sure that our charity events will be bigger, better and they will raise more money than ever before.

By Jody Foster, Year 8 LMS