SATs results show the direction school is travelling

Lindisfarne Middle School
Lindisfarne Middle School

While exams never tell the whole story, one concrete way of measuring the progress being made at Lindisfarne Middle School is last term’s SATs results.

And the outcome from May’s exams for the Year 6 pupils was certainly a pleasing one for all those involved with the school.

Acting headteacher Steph Hall said: “We were thrilled with our SATs results. Maths being a little lower than reading and writing, we are making a clear focus on making improvements.”

The results show that 95 per cent of pupils attained a level four (the expected level of attainment) or above in reading, 96 per cent in writing and 87 per cent in maths.

In reading (57 per cent) and writing (53 per cent), more than half achieved a level five or above. In maths, the figure was 44 per cent. This was a very strong result for the school.

“Ofsted do push maths, reading and writing, but we are keen to make sure that pupils get a rounded education and make progress in all aspects of school life,” said Mrs Hall.

“We have put a considerable amount of effort into making teaching more effective, focusing on progress and progress over time.

“Teachers are more confident about moderation, assessment and evaluation.”

She admitted that improving progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 (the last two years of first school and the first two years of middle school) will take a bit longer, but that it involves building positive relationships with the first schools to ensure the sharing of information.

“I’m really proud of how far the children and staff have come,” added Mrs Hall.

“It’s a privilege to be in this position – the staff have stepped up and are so willing and supportive.”