Pupils ins-pie-red to make their own pastry treats

Robert Stott with winning pie makers Holly Coulthard (left) and Isabella Bell (right).
Robert Stott with winning pie makers Holly Coulthard (left) and Isabella Bell (right).

Children at two north Northumberland schools have been ins-pie-red to create the perfect pastry-topped indulgence to add to a nearby inn’s menu.

Pupils from Lowick and Holy Island First Schools learned all about the art of pie-making from the Lindisfarne Inn’s head chef Robert Stott and Becca Keenan.

The pair left the kitchen at the Beal-based inn and took their pie-making challenge out to the two schools, which operate as a federation, with children studying together at Lowick when the tide allows for the crossing of the causeway.

The children learnt how to make pastry and were taught how to assemble a pie, but the heart of the challenge was to create an extra special filling, with the winning concoction being added to the inn’s menu.

Robert and Becca had the difficult job of judging the fillings, and were most impressed by Holly Coulthard and Isabella Bell’s idea to put an all-day breakfast – bacon, egg, beans and sausage – inside a pie.

Robert said: “It was a very innovative dish and a clever and original idea which I would like to see on the specials menu at the Lindisfarne Inn. The children have also shown us so much enthusiasm and talent. I think there are a lot of budding chefs in the making here.”

Headteacher Christine Vanson said: “I think it is very important that children learn about food, where it comes from and the importance of fresh food and healthy eating.”