Middle school heads in the right direction

Governors and staff at Lindisfarne Middle School have welcomed the latest report from Ofsted, which says the school ‘is making reasonable progress’.

It comes following the Alnwick school’s second monitoring inspection, made necessary after it was deemed to require special measures in October last year.

It was one of four schools across Northumberland which earned the lowest rating from Ofsted during a string of inspections sparked by concerns over the progress of pupils eligible for free school meals.

Since then, the governors, staff and parents have been working hard to make changes which will improve teaching and learning and efforts are now starting to pay off.

Chairman of governors, Lalage Bosanquet, said: “The governors have been spending a great deal of time in school working alongside the staff to support them and ensure that changes are being put into effect which improve the quality of teaching and opportunities for learning for the children.

“I am very pleased indeed that the inspector recognised the efforts which are being made. She has agreed that the school is making reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures.”

“Anyone who has visited the school in the last few months will agree that there is an increased level of energy in the school and among the teaching staff.

“Staff morale is high and teachers are all working together with a common purpose to implement the action plan.

“The inspector also agreed that communication between parents and the school has greatly improved.”

Acting headteacher Stephanie Hall added: “The inspector’s report tells everyone we are heading in the right direction.

“We have been very busy with the current Year 6 as they have just had their SATS, and now we are concentrating on our plans to reorganise teaching and move to a more ‘primary’ model of teaching for Years 5 and 6 in September.

“This means they can settle more easily after leaving their first schools and have more continuity in the classroom.

“Any parents who would like to come and have a look round the school are welcome to call in. We welcome visitors and are keen to show people the changes which we are making as a team across the school.”