Incentives for Duke’s tenants to help with winter heating bills

While many of us may dread the cost of winter heating bills, some tenants will now be able to take advantage of cut-price fuel.

The special offer comes on the back of The Northumberland Estates negotiating reduced rates for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and heating oil supplies.

The reduced rates will be available for the Estates’ residential and commercial tenants and employees.

Steve Stubbings, rural property manager at the Estates said: “I’m delighted that, by working closely with our suppliers, we have been able to secure these fantastic rates for our residential tenants.

“They represent significant savings on the current market rate. We believe this can make a difference to tenants.”

For LPG supplies, the Estates has agreed a 12-month fixed-rate price of 37p per litre with Calor Gas – a saving of more than 35 per cent on the current market rate of 60p per litre.

To take advantage of the rate, contact Alan Seggie of Calor Gas on 07803 021756 or email

For heating oil supplies, the Estates has agreed a variable rate with Rix Heating that is anticipated will result in savings of around 7.6 per cent when compared to the market rate per 500 litres.

Contact Rix Heating on 01665 602100 and ask for the Northumberland Estates Account.

For details, visit