Changes in Alnwick taking place already

Despite a consultation starting on reorganising schools across the area, the Aln Federation has already made plans to merge its two middle schools.

Yesterday, the Gazette learned that efforts to merge the Duke’s Middle School and Lindisfarne Middle School in Alnwick – one of the three models on the forthcoming consultation – is already going ahead.

Chairman of governors at the Aln Federation, which also includes the Duchess’s High School, Lalage Bosanquet, said: “As a governing body, we had already developed a plan to strengthen the middle-school phase. We have decided we would like to merge the two middle schools, because we are aware of future falling rolls, pressure on school budgets and concerns about the tenancy of the Duke’s Middle buildings.

“Appointing one headteacher across the two middle schools is the first step and this should be completed by Christmas.”