Editor’s Comment: Your generosity knows no bounds

ONCE again, the people of Northumberland have shown their true spirit and generous nature – despite facing some of the toughest economic conditions in living memory.

It was only in June when the Gazette launched its Jam Jar Army appeal, with the aim of raising £10,000 for HospiceCare North Northumberland, a charity which cares for and supports people with life-threatening illnesses and their families and carers across the area.

But this week, after just six months, that figure has been smashed, thanks to an overwhelming response from across the community. Jam jars have been filled in schools, shops, offices and pubs, as well as by hundreds of dedicated individuals, with mounds of coins pouring into the Gazette office.

Each bit of spare change has had to be counted and bagged by hand, but it has been worth every single penny, considering the fantastic end result. To everyone, wherever they are, whatever they donated – whether it was 1p or £100 – we give our heartfelt thanks.

Your kindness will make a real difference to the lives of real people.

And finally, our hats go off to local author Judith O’Reilly, who first approached the Gazette with the jam jar concept. Without her flash of brilliance, this couldn’t have happened.

Because of the campaign’s success, we hope to continue the Jam Jar Army in the New Year, for a charity of your choice.

So stand at ease for now and have a wonderful Christmas!