Editor’s comment: You’re not Canute

WILL it take a tragedy before a handful of frankly stupid motorists realise that you can’t drive your car into the sea and expect to get away with it?

That seems to be the case at Holy Island, as we have seen yet again this week. It’s no secret that the causeway floods twice a day – in fact, there are substantial warning signs and clearly-marked tide timetables telling you just that. And if that’s not enough, then there’s also the small fact of waves rolling in across the road that should ring alarm bells.

Yet it beggars belief that, for some people, this isn’t enough of a deterrent to stop them wilfully ploughing ahead into the briny. The result is nearly always the same. The car stalls as the engine compartment floods, the occupants are left stranded and have to make a dash for the refuge box or – as in this latest incident – actually wade back to shore.

And that’s if they’re lucky. If not, they will have to be plucked to safety by a lifeboat or, in a few cases, winched out of the sea or off the roof of their car by an RAF helicopter – the crews of which are also risking their lives.

All of this could be avoided if motorists simply bear the following in mind:

l Sea covering the road means it’s closed

l Your car was probably not designed to be immersed in saltwater

l Your car will probably not float – at least, not for very long

l In a contest between your car and the sea, the sea will almost certainly win.

Or you could just simply read the tide times and stick to them. That always works.