Editor’s comment: Why does the NTC always miss out?

THE announcement that Northumberland Theatre Company has once again lost out on funding for its rural touring scheme is a bitter pill to swallow, not least for those who try so hard to make it work.

Why do other projects and theatres seem to get continuous support from the Arts Council, yet our little theatre and its brilliant touring group loses out?

It is as if the Arts Council axed the National Portfolio funding and wrote off NTC.

Rural areas are so often ignored that it is now becoming the norm.

We have fewer bus services, higher charges and less services than urban areas.

People are unable to travel to venues, therefore it is even more important to take theatre out to them.

NTC was given a grant for a tour bus prior to its annual funding being axed – how is it supposed to use it now?

But it is nice to hear that the company will not be giving up without a fight.

Its productions not only provide good entertainment but more crucially take the arts out to some places which have no other opportunity to see a professional show.

Reviews are always positive and the planned Midsummer Night’s Dream tour proves that the NTC is in demand.

We previously reported that more than 40 venues had shown an interest in hosting the event – why then has it not been given funding?

Hopefully this is not the end for the NTC and everyone will do what they can to make sure it continues the work it does for a very long time.