Editor’s comment: Unimaginable loss

IT is almost impossible to comprehend the pain of losing a child or how any parent could ever come to terms with such enormous grief.

For the family of seven-month-old Joshua Prime, however, there is the added agony of unanswered questions surrounding the care – or alleged lack of it – their infant son received from the health service.

This beautiful little boy became ill, like all children do, but somehow the severity of his condition wasn’t spotted by medical professionals until it was too late.

How or why this happened remains to be explained and only a full and far-reaching investigation will uncover the facts.

For Joshua’s devastated parents, however, there will always be the question of whether earlier intervention would, or even could, have saved his life. It is hard to say whether this will ever be resolved.

They have described the aftermath of their son’s death as like being in hell. We can only hope, for their sake, that any inquiry happens sooner rather than later.

All parents reading Josh’s tragic story should take time to acquaint themselves with the warning signs of a potential case of meningitis, which we publish today.

If there is any suspicion that your child may be affected, follow your instincts and get medical help immediately. If necessary, call an ambulance.

We thank Joshua’s family for sharing their harrowing story with us – if it prevents even one similar tragedy from occurring, then the publicity will have been worth it.

We wish them our very deepest condolences for what is in unimaginable loss.