Editor’s comment: Patients’ boost

THE news that a chemotherapy suite will soon be up and running at Alnwick Infirmary will give a massive boost to cancer patients in the district.

Most people know someone who has been affected by cancer, and know the pain, trauma and suffering that they go through.

When you add a 60-mile round trip for treatment into the mix, it makes it even worse.

And that is what patients in our area are having to go through at the moment.

But thanks to a new pharmacy at Wansbeck, that it is going to change.

Patients will be able to leave their homes later and be home earlier while undergoing chemotherapy at Alnwick.

It also puts less pressure and strain on families and carers who are also affected by their loved ones’ illnesses.

The unit at Berwick has shown that there is a demand for treatment closer to home and its success proves that a similar service in Alnwick is likely to do just as well.

Hopefully, it will also help to secure its long-term future of the hospital.

Cancer is a horrible disease and the side effects of chemotherapy drugs used to treat it are not pleasant. They can make you sick, tired, emotional and make an already uncomfortable time worse.

But having to go to extra lengths to receive your treatment exacerbates the situation even further.

This new unit will hopefully help to make what is already a very traumatic and difficult time for both patients and their families a little bit easier to deal with.