Editor’s comment: Keep a level head

IN the words of the famous poster, the possibility of disruption to fuel supplies requires us all to keep calm and carry on.

As tanker drivers prepare to go on strike, the last thing we need is panic buying, particularly in our rural areas, which will only serve to make what could be a difficult situation even harder to cope with.

Industrial action is expected to start in around 10 days’ time, to coincide with the Easter school holidays. The walk-out may happen as early as April 3, but it is more likely – according to the Government – to happen on April 8 or 9.

Drivers are expected to strike for four days at a time, then work for two, then strike again.

Whatever turns out to be the case, the advice is not to bleed the pumps dry at your local station. By taking a sensible approach, you can minimise the disruption and still lead a normal life.

Rather than use the car, you can use public transport where available for as many journeys as possible. For those in more isolated areas, sensible planning to maximise the value of the most essential journeys is an option, but only in the event of severe shortages.

In other words, do as much as you can in a single trip. You could also consider car-sharing with a neighbour to keep your petrol-use down.

And driving sensibly, by keeping at or below the speed limit, using only gradual acceleration and avoiding hard braking where possible all have a major impact on reducing consumption.

Above all, remember – this is temporary, not the end of the world.