Editor’s comment: It’s your paper

IT has been a bad week for journalism.

The closure of the News of the World has sent shockwaves through the industry and raised important, probing questions about the very nature of news-gathering. Given what is alleged to have taken place there and the practices employed by its reporters, this is only to be expected.

For weekly papers like ours, however, life goes on as normal. As a title serving the immediate community in rural Northumberland, we are a very different creature to our big city cousins.

While the tabloid national press often engages in a ‘hit and run’ style of journalism, obsessed with scandal and the lives of celebrities, we focus entirely on the issues which are important to our readers. We rely heavily on the goodwill of those we live alongside, forging strong working relationships with all parts of the community. Without this, newspapers like ours would have serious problems.

Above all, we are accountable for what we write – particularly so in a close-knit environment where we cross paths almost daily with those whose appear in our pages, whether they are councillors, businesspeople or private individuals.

But this is where the true strength of the local Press is found. We can be trusted to be fair, accurate and report without fear or favour. We are free of party politics. The only agenda we have is the wellbeing of the community of which we are a part.

Our journalists are your journalists and we will continue, as we always have, bringing you the news that matters to you.