Editor’s comment: Help us in the North East to help ourselves

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This week, we, along with all of the other newspapers across the North East, are pleased to throw our support behind the NEvolution campaign, championing the region in which we live and work.

This is a co-ordinated campaign across the North East’s media to present a united regional voice to make the case for regional economic strategy and investment.

The campaign, supported by politicians and business leaders, will lobby Chancellor George Osborne and positively influence the outcome of the Spending Review, which will be announced at the end of June.

But this isn’t a case of going to London cap in hand and asking for help, it’s about future Government policies that remove the barriers to job creation and economic growth, allowing us to help ourselves.

The campaign will seek to showcase to Westminster the benefits of acting on the Heseltine Report by announcing packages of investment that will allow the region to further demonstrate its strong track record of delivery – the North East can offer a lot and we want the Chancellor to recognise that.