Editor’s comment: Fishing for jobs

THE news of 40 new jobs in north Northumberland is surely something we can all celebrate.

People across the region are really starting to feel the bite of austerity now and there seems no end in sight.

On the back of the devastating job losses at Alcan, we and other newspapers in the county started a campaign to Keep Northumberland Working, knowing that businesses had plenty to offer. And now someone has stepped up to prove it.

And it’s not only Alnwick which will feel the benefit of so many jobs being created – the young team behind LYNX Fishing has grand designs for the future of their company, and being in north Northumberland is at the heart of their vision.

This is the kind of enterprise that the powers-that-be should be supporting as far as posssible – exciting, forward-thinking businesses, which are trying to expand, providing jobs and opportunities as they go.

The new site to which LYNX is moving in the next couple of weeks will see it positioned very close to the renowned fishing business Hardy and Greys on the Willowburn Industrial Estate.

Perhaps the positioning of two such firms will encourage others to get in on the act, forming a type of fishing industry village which, in turn, could attract more investment and jobs.

It is important not to get carried away with any announcement of this type, but with things the way they are, we all need to be cheerleaders for local business.