Editor’s comment: Enough is enough

IT is disturbing to see that one person can have such a negative effect on a community at a time when anti-social behaviour is one of the most complained-about crimes.

We live in a society where youths are normally blamed for anti-social activity.

But in Rothbury it is 55-year-old June Clifford – known locally as Scary Mary – who makes her neighbours’ lives a nightmare.

In just four months she has broken her criminal anti-social behaviour order (Crasbo) – which was the first of its kind to be given to a resident of a rural area – three times.

She has also appeared in court on numerous occasions and has been charged with public order offences and criminal damage.

She threatens those who live nearby and shouts abuse in the street.

Police have offered to help her address the alcohol problem which fuels her drunken outbursts, without success.

The damage being done puts a black cloud over the bustling rural village.

Rothbury is a tourist hotspot, but with the Police.uk website showing crimes reported on a monthly basis, people could be put off from visiting the area without ever knowing that it is perhaps just one individual causing problems.

Police patience has now run out and the community is crying out for action.

We can only hope that the police’s zero-tolerance approach will alleviate the problems this community is facing.