Editor’s comment: Controversy exemplifies our pride in Armed Forces

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If ever there was an issue which has stirred up a massive public reaction, then the Union flag controversy in Amble is it.

John Henderson’s decision to lower it to half mast in respect of murdered soldier Lee Rigby was a touching gesture.

The call by Amble Town Council for the flag to be put back to full mast has clearly created much anger.

The authority says that it was unaware as to why the flag was lowered because no one had made formal representations.

It says it also has to ‘follow protocol’.

But in the wake of the public outcry, the council has agreed to fly the flag at half mast on the day of Drummer Rigby’s funeral.

Not only does this show that the town council listens to the people it serves, but also suggests that it is open to ideas if people use the correct channels.

No matter which side of the fence people are on, what is clear from the huge response to the issue is people’s passion and patriotism for our Armed Forces – as well as the emotion which has been created in the wake of Drummer Rigby’s death.