Editor’s comment: Catch the idiots

WHAT do Mary and Joseph, Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall and Ron Weasley’s shoes all have in common?

They’ve all been created for the good of Alnwick and mindlessly stolen by idiots who think it’s amusing to ruin other people’s joy.

Alnwick Chamber of Trade worked hard to set up the Nativity scene in the former fish market underneath the Northumberland Hall. They involved local schools in the display.

Children and adults alike stopped to enjoy the scene, which reflected the true meaning of Christmas.

But now, thanks to the thugs who decided to smash a window, wreck the inside and steal the figures of Mary and Joseph, it will no longer be enjoyed this festive period nor, perhaps, in future years.

Those responsible may think it was a joke but for the sensible people in this town – who thankfully far outweigh idiots like this – it isn’t.

And it comes after Harry Potter characters and belongings, which were made by Northumberland Conservatives as part of the town’s Hallowe’en Festival, were stolen from the corner of Bondgate Without.

Why do these louts think it is necessary to commit such ridiculous acts of vandalism? Do they even think about the consequences of their actions?

It isn’t funny and it’s not clever. And it definitely isn’t in the spirit of Christmas.

Hopefully, CCTV footage will help to identify these morons and they can be suitably punished.