Editor’s comment - Breaking through economic gloom

A RAY of hope is shining through the doom and gloom of budget cuts, job losses and businesses closing down.

Flying the flag for Alnwick on a global scale, Metrology Software Products Ltd (MSP) has produced a piece of technology which could transform the engineering industry.

The company, which has steadily grown since it was set up in 2002, has developed a way of repairing aero-engine turbine blades, which provides 100 per cent accuracy and cuts costs.

As more and more companies are outsourcing their work to the Far East, it is a Northumberland-based one that has managed to revolutionise the industry.

And it has all been done from our county town.

This, coupled with a plan to improve Amble’s streetscape, has cast a ray of sunshine through the clouds.

Too often we hear about jobs being lost and stores closing down.

We see empty shops and boarded-up windows, leaving our towns and villages looking depressed and defeated.

Could this be the start of a turnaround? With MSP one of several firms putting the town on the technological map, is there a hint of those elusive green shoots of recovery?

Too often businesses go unnoticed for the work they do all over the world.

We need to shout about them and show that this county isn’t just about having a pretty face.