EBDA: Vaccination

Ask surgery about flu jab

Saturday, 19th November 2016, 5:00 am

Martin and I were grateful that you published our earlier letter about flu injections in Alnwick on Super Saturday. However, in North Northumberland not as many people as expected have had these injections.

Patients can still have flu injections as vaccine is still available. Just contact your local surgery for an appointment.

On behalf of local Patient Participation Groups that represent GP surgeries, we would urge all patients to attend their surgery to receive their flu vaccination this year and every year.

Your surgery has fully qualified GPs and nurses to deliver the vaccine, and it also holds your medical record, which may contain relevant information about any allergies or problems you may have with the vaccine.

Naturally, we support private sector pharmacy colleagues and thank them for their help in delivering as many vaccinations as they can, but we would encourage every patient to discuss having the vaccine with their local surgery as a first option.

Kelvin Rushworth,

Chairman, Bondgate Patient Participation Group

Martin Shortreed,

Chairman, Infirmary Drive Medical Group Patient Participation Group

Cheviot Medical Group and Glendale Surgery Patient Participation Groups