East Chevington Parish Council round-up: Precinct, allotments and dropped kerbs

Hadston Precinct
Hadston Precinct

Frustration is growing over a light in the car park at Hadston Precinct, pictured, which has not worked for 14 months.

Coun Scott Dickinson said that the county council had given site owners Thrower Stone a range of options and solutions, but these were declined by the Gateshead-based company.

He said that the authority will continue to pursue the firm to try to force some action.

It is not the first time that concerns have been voiced over Thrower Stone’s handling of the area. Last year, the tatty appearance of the Precinct came under fire from residents and councillors who claimed that the company was neglecting its duties as owner.

• A number of plots at the North Broomhill allotments are still vacant. The meeting heard that there are a total of 18, but around half are empty. Coun Scott Dickinson said: “Some of it may be perception. There was an issue with drainage but that has been sorted now.” The water supply has now been connected.

• Parish council chairman Paul Claridge said that the phone box on the corner at North Broomhill has been vandalised again. He said: “It’s getting vandalised. Is BT maintaining it or are they not bothering with it? If they don’t maintain it and nobody wants it, it might as well get taken away. It is an eyesore.”

• Coun Alice Charlton thanked Coun Dickinson for improvements at Whitefield Crescent. Work to install dropped kerbs at the estate was paid for out of Coun Dickinson’s small schemes funds. She said that it had improved access for some residents, especially those using mobility scooters.

• Coun Penelope Fidkin has raised concerns about the state of the pavements at Woodside Crescent. She has reported the matter to Isos Housing, adding that the company said that it would look at the issue.

• Concerns have been raised about vehicles parking on pavements along the B1330, from Broomhill to Red Row.