East Chevington Parish Council round-up: Abusive youths, fireworks display and CCTV

Coun Fred ThurgoodCoun Fred Thurgood
Coun Fred Thurgood
An angry councillor has blasted youths for their abusive and disgusting behaviour.

Coun Fred Thurgood said that he was appalled by the way that a group of youngsters were going on outside the community centre last week.

He said: “There was about seven or eight of them. It was last Wednesday at about 6.30pm and they were abusive, swearing and there was litter everywhere.”

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PC Paul Dent said that he would follow it up and once police had some names, he would carry out some home visits.

PC Dent also said that police will monitor Hadston Precinct at night-times.

He said: “There has been some disorder calls. Kids tend to gather there now the dark nights are here; it happens every year, but I will keep an eye on it.”

○ Frustrated councillors raised numerous issues with the Hadston Precinct area – and called for landlord Thrower Stone to take action.

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Coun Fred Thurgood said that a light in the Precinct has been out for six weeks.

The meeting also heard that Thrower Stone still owes the parish council £2,000 for the recently-installed CCTV.

Council chairman Anthony Reay said the company was being actively pursued for the cash.

Councillors Sue Reilly and Thelma Morse raised concerns about the state of the car park behind the Precinct, criticising the amount of litter.

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○ ‘We want to make next year eventful’ – this was the message from council chairman Anthony Reay, as members set about planning a series of events in 2018, including a community fireworks display.

The parish council is determined to stage an organised November 5 celebration next year.

The clerk will be checking insurance, while the council has contact details of a company which specialises in displays. A follow-up meeting will be arranged in the new year.

The idea to stage a community fireworks event was mooted last month and Coun Scott Dickinson said feedback from locals has been positive.

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The council is also looking at events to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, as well as producing a newsletter.

○ The parish council agreed to donate to various good causes. They voted to give £100 to the Great North Air Ambulance Service, £50 to Community Action Northumberland and £75 to James Calvert Spence College, in Amble, to support its ASDAN education scheme.

○ CCTV will be installed at Druridge Bay Fitness Centre. Coun Fred Thurgood asked when they would be fitted at the back of the building. Coun Scott Dickinson said the issue is in hand and the cameras will go up. He added that the delay was due to a slight relocation of the cameras.

○ No definitive plan of action has yet been agreed to solve drainage issues at Chevington Cemetery. Coun Scott Dickinson said: “When it is ready, an options plan with costings is due to come to the parish council to consult, but nothing has been decided yet.”

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○ Coun Sue Reilly asked if lights could be fitted at the side of Hadston House, to illuminate the path. She said: “It was mentioned a little while ago and I think we should be thinking about it.” The council will write to Hadston House to raise the issue and see what can be done.

○ Tickets are still on sale for this year’s pantomime, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It is being staged on Wednesday, December 20, from 7pm, at Druridge Bay Community Centre, in Hadston. Tickets are £1 each and are available from the community centre or Hadston House.