East Chevington Parish Council: Chicanes and car-park light

Hadston Precinct
Hadston Precinct

The effectiveness of chicanes in and around Hadston have been called into question, with one critic believing ‘they cause more accidents than they prevent’.

The traffic-calming measures were criticised at Monday night’s East Chevington Parish Council meeting by chairman Coun Paul Claridge.

He said: “The chicane between Hadston and Broomhill has been whacked again. It needs to be looked at. I said at the time, when it was installed, that it needs to be properly illuminated.”

He added: “The ones in the centre of Hadston don’t stop speeding motorists – they still come flying through the village at 70mph. They seem to cause more accidents than they prevent.”

Coun Scott Dickinson said that the chicanes have ‘turned into a bit of a game’ with some drivers ‘trying to go through as fast as possible’.

He added that he is not a fan of the chicane on the approach to Hadston along the Broomhill road. He said: “It is in an odd location, just before the junction to the village. It is a bit strange and why it was placed there I don’t know. It is not the best location.”

In relation to tackling speeding around the parish, Coun Dickinson said that an area outside Broomhill First School is set to be made into a 20mph zone, as part of the county council’s plan to introduce this limit outside schools in the county.

He said: “It needs to be done because the speed through North Broomhill is just atrocious at times.”

New monitoring signs, which flash up drivers’ speed, have been purchased for Hadston, Red Row and Broomhill. Two signs will be shared between the three villages.

Car-park light still not repaired

Frustrated councillors have reiterated concerns about a light which is still not working in Hadston Precinct car park, pictured, and have once again criticised the reluctance of site owner Thrower Stone to fix it.

Reflecting on the long-running saga, Coun Scott Dickinson said: “In May, the county council gave Thrower Stone three options, but these were declined in favour of their own staff carrying out the job. In December, we chased this up and they said they would contact their electricians, but nothing has happened.”

Coun Ann Elliott said: “It looks like it will take someone having an accident there before they will do anything.”