East Chevington Parish Council: CCTV, clerk's retirement and bogus doorstep sellers

New and more modern CCTV is to be purchased for Hadston, to replace the current security system.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 10:30 am
Hadston Precinct

Coun Scott Dickinson has agreed to use his members’ small schemes funding to meet half the cost.

The parish council will also contribute, but it will ask Gateshead-based letting agent Thrower Stone – site owner for Hadston Precinct – to contribute.

Coun Dickinson said: “The CCTV gives the feeling of safety. It benefits the community and the police. I have supported Widdrington Stattion by installing some CCTV there, so I am more than happy to help here.”

PC Paul Dent admitted that the CCTV does help and the village’s cameras have been useful in the past. He said: “We have used the cameras a lot and they have been useful, certainly for getting evidence.

“It might be prudent for the council to ask Thrower Stone to contribute to the cost. After all, they benefit from the CCTV, as it protects their shops and flats and we have used it to help them.”

The parish council has been given a cost of just over £4,500, but will seek quotes. The group will consider where the new cameras should be placed. Coun John Leach said there are currently 17 around the village.

• PC Dent has urged residents to be aware of bogus doorstep callers. He said: “There has been some elderly people who have been targeted by bogus builders and roofers in Alnwick and surrounding areas. If something looks suspicious, then 99 times out of 100 it is. Call 101, or in an emergency dial 999.”

• Long-standing East Chevington Parish Council clerk John Douglas has retired from the role. Monday night’s meeting was John’s last and he said it has been a pleasure to serve the parish council. John, who became clerk in 1997, is being replaced by Rose Hudspith.

• Talks will take place between the county council and Isos Housing about the social landlord’s proposal to introduce a grounds maintenance bill. The controversial plan has been put on hold and Coun Dickinson said: “We will discuss the next step and see if we can find an amicable way forward.”

• Coun Thelma Morse said the allotment track at Red Row is in a very bad state. The council will contact the allotment association.

• Coun Penelope Fidkin said rubbish is starting to build up again at Hadston Precinct, which is owned by Gateshead-based Thrower Stone.