East Chevington Parish Council

Road-safety fears at school

Road-safety fears have been voiced by a parish councillor, who claims the situation outside a village school is ‘ridiculous’ and a ‘nightmare’.

Coun Paul Claridge told members on Monday night that he was concerned about the amount of traffic around Broomhill First School at both the start and end of the school day. He said the issue is not helped by the way that some motorists park.

He told members: “I really am concerned about road safety at school times.

“It is ridiculous. There are so many cars. They are parking on both sides of the road and sometimes they park half-way on the pavement.

“It makes it awkward for parents with prams.

“It is quite a busy road anyway and the situation is a bit of a nightmare.”

Coun Claridge said that there are zig-zag lines outside of the school to stop motorists parking close by, but it ‘doesn’t seem to be helping the problem at all’.

Scott continues in chairman’s role

Coun Dickinson has been re-elected as chairman. He suggested that another councillor becomes shadow chairman with a view to taking on the full role next year. Coun Claridge is the new vice-chairman, taking over from Alice Charlton. New members are Couns Ann Elliott, Anthony Reay and Penelope Fidkin.

Council supports puffin festival

The council has supported Amble Puffin Festival, which starts on Saturday and runs until June 1. The council has purchased 25 medals made by Stephen Lunn. These will be given on a first-come, first-served basis to youngsters taking part in sports with Red Row Kick Start Sports on May 27, as part of the festival.

Fight to reinstate bus will continue

Paish council chairman Scott Dickinson said the fight will continue, following Arriva’s decision to not reinstate the 20/X20 service to Hadston, after carrying out time trials, as we reported last week. A county council officer has agreed to meet him and talk to Arriva. Using an alternative company may be an option.

Pond scheme is to be revamped

A scheme to improve Hadston Community Pond has been revamped. Coun Paul Claridge said: “We want to rip out the old fences that are falling down. We want to fence the pond off and then we will be able to maintain the rest of the area.” A bid is to be made to re-apply for funding from Steadsburn community fund.