Earth tremors in Northumberland.

A MYSTERY rumble hit Northumberland this afternoon causing buildings to shake.

The potential seismic event was felt across the county at around 3.15pm.

Users of social networking website Twitter have said it was felt as far away as Berwick and down to Newcastle.

Jeff and Jill Sutheran of St Cuthbert’s House in Seahouses, said: “Doors and windows shook here, nothing outside, really weird.”

And Motorcare Alnwick posted: “Showroom shook, doors and windows rattled. Quite strong.”

It is believed that damage has been caused to a roof in Berwick while a school shook as well.

A spokeswoman for the British Geological Survey said that the rumble was likely to be a sonic event rather than an earthquake but added that the data has not been confirmed yet.

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